About Seawind Foods

Since 1987, Seawind Foods has remained a trusted producer and distributor of all-natural dehydrated fruits, vegetables and spices to industrial food processors, retailers and national consumer brands.

In 1987, Seawind International was established. Seawind grew from the core products of spices, tropical fruits and specialty foods items. From that base, the business expanded to industrial food ingredients.

Utilizing years of experience and exposure to processing facilities, throughout the world, Seawind became a mentor to companies both domestic and abroad. The company has grown, throughout the years, to become a major supplier to many multi-national companies. Seawind has created and participated in joint venture operations domestically, as well as in Asia and South America, providing resources and distribution of goods, worldwide.

In 2013, Seawind International received a capital infusion from private equity, Tide Rock Ventures, to finance growth in the operations and to keep up with growing demand. In this regard, the company name was updated to Seawind Foods which most accurately represents the organization’s focus.

Today, dehydrated vegetables and proprietary, all natural, non-sulfur dioxide treated dried fruits are predominant in Seawind’s product offering. If you’re looking for a unique ingredient, do not hesitate contacting Seawind as new products are continuously being added to their product portfolio.

Garry Green, CEO

Garry leads Seawind Foods with over 20 years’ executive leadership in sales, marketing, customer service, supply chain logistics, manufacturing and quality systems.

Garry's specialties include strategic planning and execution, branding, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and most importantly, fostering an internal culture of unparalleled customer service.

Before Seawind, he held many positions in the imaging and technology space. With a high-level of energy and performance, Garry’s experience includes direct account responsibility, head of sales and marketing and president.

Garry enjoys the role of brand ambassador, having appeared on NBC’s Today Show as well as KTLA technology news and has been featured in several radio, newspaper and Internet segments. He has a knack for taking an idea from conception to finished product, with national recognition.

Julie Swink, Vice President Sales

Julie joins Seawind Foods with 17 years experience in sales and executive management.

An entrepreneurial and results-focused executive, Julie has a keen ability of capturing market-share by demonstrating a deep product knowledge and conveying meaningful value to her customers and key decision makers. Her professional mantra is to do what you say you will do, always!

She is known for her proven ability to lead/manage a profit-driven sales culture while continually reiterating an established reputation for quality, satisfaction and results.

Sandra Maring, Quality Assurance and Supplier Management

Quality and Food Safety are at the forefront of Sandra’s daily activities. She joined Seawind in 2014 and is passionate about working with suppliers and customers to ensure that all documentation is in place and that the finished product meets Seawind’s stringent criteria for quality. She is certified PCQI and FSVP trained for quality.

Throughout her career, Sandra has held several sales and customer service roles; she works hard to earn the customers’ business, every day.

Elisa Guzik, Customer Service Supervisor

Elisa is a customer advocate guiding her team to be liaisons between sales, purchasing and the warehouse making sure that customer requests are quickly handled and products are delivered on time.

Customer service is innate in Elisa. She has held various customer service roles for over 10 years and works hard, every day, to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.