Crystallized Ginger

Slice, Dice, and Chunk

Crystallized Ginger

Did you know that Ginger was so treasured for its distinctive flavor that it was the basis of the world’s economy for centuries? Or that dynasties rose and fell solely on control of the ginger trade? Talk about clout! Today Ginger is still one of the most popular spices in the world.

Seawind Food's Organic Crystallized Ginger Chunks, Slices, and Dices contain no added sulfur and are produced from the finest natural ginger rhizomes. They add an exotic flavor to many recipes

This product contains no added sulfur, however, naturally occurring sulfites may be present.

Ginger is harvested, then sorted, washed, peeled, and crystallized. Then, various cleaning, sorting, and food safety steps are conducted prior to cutting or milling into the desired cut size. Many opportunities are available to create a custom specification to meet your needs.

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